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Our South Florida Car Accident Attorney discuss the most common car accidents that occur in the State of Florida.

The Most Common Types of Car Accidents in Florida

Our South Florida Car Accident Attorney discuss the most common car accidents that occur in the State of Florida.

Should you or a family member sustain auto accident injuries, you need to know what to do and where to turn for help.  Our law firm is there to help our clients are throughout the accident injury claims process.  We have also litigated several car accident cases in Florida, including cases involving severe and catastrophic auto accident injuries. 

Our Florida Car Accident Attorneys also handle the tasks that our clients should not have to deal with such as obtaining a rental car, negotiating with insurance adjusters, and fighting to recover the full amount of economic compensation that their cases deserve.  Our attorneys believe the only issue you should focus on is your health and getting better. 

Car accidents happen in several different ways in Florida.  The following are a few of the most common types of motor vehicle crashes we have represented Florida victims:

Head-On Accidents – Head-on accidents are the most deadly type of motor vehicle accident.  These accidents occur when drivers cross over the centerline and collide with oncoming vehicles. These accidents are usually caused by driver distraction, impairment, confusion, or other circumstances.

Failure to Merge Accidents – Failure to Merge Accidents happen when drivers fail to merge onto an interstate, highway, or interstate.  These circumstances often result in rear-end or sideswiping accidents.

Failure to Yield Accidents – Failure to Yield accidents are caused by drivers who do not wait for traffic to merge or the driver fails to completely yield to oncoming traffic.

Intersection Crashes – Intersection accidents are usually the result of one or more drivers failing to observe traffic signals or traffic signs.  They also occur when to drivers do not yield the right-of-way. 

Hit-and-Run Collision – It is illegal in the State of Florida to hit a vehicle or person and then leave the scene.  Many of the hit-and-run crashes in Florida were caused by drunk drivers.  A substantial amount of these drivers are apprehended by law enforcement. 

Lane Departure Crashes – Lane departure crashes occur when drivers do not check their blind spot, change lanes without looking first, or change lanes when there is not enough room.  

Left-Turn Accidents – These accidents are caused by a driver not waiting for oncoming traffic to pass before making a left turn.  These accidents happen frequently in motorcycle accidents. 

Passing Crashes – When a driver changes lanes prematurely or moves back into a previous position without enough space, a passing accident can occur resulting in two-vehicle and multi-vehicle crashes.

Parking Lot Accidents – Parking lots are another common location for accidents due to the number of cars and pedestrians in the parking lot. The most common type of accident in parking lots are backing up collisions. 

Rear-End Collisions – Rear-end crashes occur when one car crashes into the rear of another vehicle.  Oftentimes these types of accidents are a result of driver inattention or failure to reduce speed for traffic. 

Rollover Crashes – Rollover accidents are very deadly and they occur when a motor vehicle either turns onto its roof or its side. Rollover accidents also happen during high-speed and high-impact crashes. 

Your accident claim consultation with our firm costs you nothing.  Our attorney will address all of your questions and concerns.  Our attorneys want to ensure that you are comfortable throughout the process and that you are confident about the outcome. 

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