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Experienced Florida Personal Injury Lawyers who work hard to obtain full monetary compensation for accident injury victims hurt while visiting or residing in Florida. Call us 24/7 at (954) 752-1110 for your free consultation.

Florida Personal Injury Lawyers

Personal Injury Attorneys in Florida Who Work Hard to Obtain Maximum Compensation for Their Clients!

Experienced Florida Personal Injury Lawyers who work hard to obtain full monetary compensation for accident injury victims hurt while visiting or residing in Florida. Call us 24/7 at (954) 752-1110 for your free consultation.

Fuentes Berrio Schutt is a Florida Personal Injury Law Firm that strives to surpass client expectations and obtain maximum value for our client’s accident claims. We serve our clients with the values of integrity, professionalism, and respect. At Fuentes Berrio Schutt, our Personal Injury Lawyers work intimately with every client, and they work hard to exceed client expectations by resolving their claim quickly and obtaining complete compensation. Our clients are often unable to work, and they need to pay their bills.  

Our law firm is unique since our Personal Injury Attorneys are hands-on and provide our clientele with full service. We help our clients focus on getting well while handling their cases, arranging rental cars, making sure their wrecked vehicles are repaired or replaced properly, and working hard to ensure our clients walk away with more money in their pockets. Our Florida Personal Injury Attorneys always go the extra mile, and we treat our clients as VIPs. Our law firm has obtained millions of dollars in economic compensation for our clients, and our team is ready to work for you.

If you or a family member have been harmed or if a loved one has been fatally injured in an accident, call us 24/7 at 954-752-1110 for your free case consultation.  Nosotros hablamos español.

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    We fight to protect your legal rights under the law.
    Why Choose Fuentes Berrio Schutt for Your Personal Injury or Wrongful Death Case? 

    Fuentes Berrio Schutt is a Florida personal injury law firm that offers a unique and highly personalized service. Each attorney works closely with their clients to ensure they receive justice and compensation from those who caused their injuries or the death of loved ones. Our law firm represents injury victims and families of those killed in wrongful death incidents in all types of accidents. We also offer our services on a contingency-free basis, which means you pay nothing upfront to retain our firm. We are paid out of a portion of the compensation we collect on your behalf through settlement negotiations or trial by jury.  

    Our firm represents clients in the following areas of personal injury law: 

    • All Types of Personal Injury Cases
    • Bicycle Accidents Cases
    • Car Accident Cases
    • Medical Malpractice Cases
    • Motorcycle Accident Cases
    • Pedestrian Injury & Death Cases
    • Premise Liability Cases
    • Slip & Falls Cases
    • Trucking Accident Cases
    • Wrongful Death Cases
    Why Select Fuentes Berrio Schutt to Represent You in Your Personal Injury or Wrongful Death Lawsuit?  

    The principal reason why accident injury victims and families of fatal accident victims choose a personal injury law firm to handle their claim is to exercise their legal rights under Florida law. In Florida, there are special “Personal Injury Laws” created by the Florida Legislature designed to protect injury victims’ legal rights. These rights make sure that victims have a legal path to receive justice and obtain just monetary compensation. These cases are typically highly defended by both the defendants (the person who caused the injury or death) and their attorneys. 

    At Fuentes Berrio Schutt, our Florida Personal Injury Attorneys help victims level the playing field in the courtroom. Our legal professionals are seasoned litigators and negotiators. We have handled hundreds of complex personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits throughout Florida. Our attorneys work closely with their clients, and we are available to meet with you at your home, place of employment, hospital, or place that is most comfortable for you and your family. Our attorneys also offer virtual consultations by telephone or video conferencing. 

    If you or a member of your family have been injured or if you lost a loved one in an accident, call us 24/7 at 954-752-1110 for your free consultation. Protect your rights today. Nosotros hablamos español. 

    How to Prove Negligence in Your Florida Personal Injury Claim and Win Your Case! 

    To recover full compensation as an injured accident victim, you are must prove that the “at-fault” party behaved negligently, and those negligent behaviors caused the accident, injuries, and other damages. In Florida, the theory of negligence consists of three parts:

    Duty of Care

    In Florida, drivers, individuals, property owners, and businesses owe other people a “Duty of Care” to avoid injuring other people. In a personal injury case, the question is, “how much care was reasonably expected?” Therefore, your personal injury attorney must prove that there was a “Duty of Case” present. For example, all drivers are required to drive sober. 

    Breach of Duty

    Once your personal injury attorney has proved that the person or business that caused the injured owed the victim a Duty of Care, the next element is proving the at-fault party acted with negligence and breached the “Duty of Care.”


    Finally, your personal injury attorney must prove the Breach of Duty caused the accident and resulted in injury, death, and other damages. For example, if the victim has a back injury, the victim’s attorney must prove the injury occurred because of the accident and isn’t simply a pre-existing condition. 

    Understanding how the personal injury claims process works in the State of Florida and retaining a hardworking Florida Personal Injury Attorney will increase your chances of winning your case and obtaining proper financial compensation for your injuries and other losses.  

    If you or a member of your family has been harmed, call our firm 24/7 at 954-752-1110 for your free case consultation. Protect your legal rights today. Nosotros hablamos español.

    What Type of Damages Could Be Awarded in a Florida Personal Injury Case

    Damages are defined under Florida Law as the “economic and non-economic costs” accident victims suffer when injured or killed by another. Non-economic damages are frequently called “pain and suffering.” Economic damages include expenses related to the accident, such as medical bills or property damage. 

    Personal injury victims may seek compensatory damages by filing a claim and/or by filing a personal injury lawsuit with the courts. The process begins with a “legal action” that demands a specified amount that Plaintiff demands Defendant to pay to be “made whole.” The process is overseen through either the Federal or Florida civil court system.

    Under Florida Law, there are several forms of damages that a Plaintiff may seek. However, the courts and Florida Law can limit the amount and type of damages a Plaintiff may receive. This is why personal injury victims should seek advice and counsel from a qualified personal injury attorney licensed in the state of Florida.   

    Florida personal injury lawsuits ordinarily seek the following types of compensatory damages:

    • Medical Expenses.  
    • Future Medical Care. 
    • Property Damage. 
    • Lost Income.  
    • Emotional Distress. 
    • Pain and Suffering.  
    • Loss of Relationships. 
    • Punitive Damages.  

    Not all personal injury cases in Florida qualify to pursue “Punitive Damages.” “Punitive Damages” are a separate monetary award that is awarded to Plaintiffs to punish the Defendant so severely that they will not behave similarly in the future.  

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    Fuentes Berrio Schutt represents injury victims and the families of victims killed in accidents throughout the State of Florida. Our lawyers are ready to meet you at your home, hospital, place of work, or any other place in Palm Beach County and Broward County and especially the cities of Deerfield Beach, Lake Worth, Pompano, Hillsboro, and Highland Beach.

    Call Fuentes Berrio Schutt at 954-752-1110 for your free consultation. Protect your rights today. Nosotros hablamos español.

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