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AAA Study on Advanced Driver Assistance Systems


According to SlashGear.com, AAA accident researchers published a new study that discovered how “moderate to heavy rain affects the ability of modern vehicle safety systems to function.”  AAA’s research teams performed several automatic emergency braking tests in a closed course setting simulating rainfall.  The test revealed that motor vehicles, equipped with automatic emergency braking, traveling at 35 MPH during the simulated rain crashed with stopped vehicles 33% of the time.  The AAA study also found additional vehicle safety features were also affected during the rain tests.

The AAA study also tested other safety features such as lane-keeping assist.  The study’s report states that rain caused the lane-keeping safety feature to fail 69% of the time.  According to AAA, advanced driver assistance systems are usually tested in ideal conditions, and AAA thinks testing standards should be changed to include real-world conditions that drivers will experience while driving.

..."Moderate to heavy rain affects the ability of modern vehicle safety systems to function."

One of the issues with many advanced driver assistance safety systems is their reliance on sensors and cameras to visualize pedestrians, cars, markings on the street, and other obstacles.  

According to AAA’s Greg Brannon, it is clear that people do not always drive in perfect weather and test conditions, and the testing standards should be changed to use real-world conditions.  AAA also states that their research discovered that rain had the greatest impact on vehicle safety systems.

AAA researchers also stimulated different environmental conditions, such as dirt, dust, and bug impacts.  The AAA test results affirmed that driving in simulated moderate to heavy rain affected both lane departure and braking safety systems.  For example, automatic emergency braking systems failed, resulting in a collision 17% of the time.  When the test vehicles’ speeds were increased from 25 MPH to 35 MPH, crashes transpired 33% of the time.  Moreover, lane-keeping assist systems failed 69% of the time.  

According to the AAA researchers, only minor performance differences were noted when they tested the advanced driver assistance system with a simulated dirty window.  Since advanced driver assistance system cameras are affected by a dirty windshield, AAA urges drivers to maintain a clean windshield when driving.

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