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Our Crosswalk Accident Injury Lawsuit Lawyers in Deerfield, Florida, work to collect full compensation on behalf of our clients.

Crosswalk Accident Injury Lawsuit Lawyers in Deerfield, Florida

Our Crosswalk Accident Injury Lawsuit Lawyers in Deerfield, Florida, work to collect full compensation on behalf of our clients.

Our Crosswalk Accident Injury Lawsuit Lawyers in Deerfield, Florida, work to collect full compensation on behalf of our clients.

A crosswalk should be safe for pedestrians to cross the street since crosswalks are marked with signals, signs, and road markings. Although crosswalks are usually placed at highly conspicuous places such as intersections, there are an enormous amount of vehicle-pedestrian collisions along crosswalks in Florida. Every year there are 100s of pedestrians struck by motor vehicles in the state of Florida, and the issue is only growing! When pedestrians are injured or killed while attempting to legally use a crosswalk, the negligent driver could be sued for recover monetary damages by the victim. Pedestrians who are struck by a vehicle while in a crosswalk in Florida will suffer some of the following injuries: 

  • Bone fractures;
  • Brain injuries;
  • Crushing injuries; 
  • Fatal injuries;
  • Head injuries;
  • Loss of limb(s);
  • Mental distress;
  • Paralysis; and/or
  • Pain and suffering.

A pedestrian accident victim will likely have to file a personal injury lawsuit against the at-fault driver in order to recover the medical treatment costs, lost wages, pain, suffering, and other economic and non-economic damages. However, the victim will need an experienced attorney to ensure that they receive all of the compensation they truly deserve.

Who is Liable for Crosswalk Collisions?

When a pedestrian enters a crosswalk and tries to cross the street, the question that is raised is: Who is liable? The answer to that question will vary depending on the circumstances in the case.  

Usually, if a pedestrian is struck by a vehicle while using a crosswalk, the driver of the motor vehicle will almost certainly be at fault for the collision since they failed to stop and avoid hitting the pedestrian in the crosswalk. If the driver was negligent because they were speeding, disobeyed traffic signs, or were driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, proving liability will be much easier. One common defense used by drivers is that the pedestrian ran out in front of their car and did not have time to react. To avoid losing your case, you must retain a personal injury attorney as quickly as possible. Your pedestrian accident attorney will seek to collect and protect all vital accident evidence. 

In some cases, the pedestrian could be found to be partially or completely at fault for the pedestrian-vehicle collision. For example, a pedestrian who is not paying attention while walking on a sidewalk might walk along a crosswalk when it is unsafe. If the pedestrian crosses a crosswalk, the signal was displaying “Do Not Cross,” the pedestrian could be held partly liable for their injuries.

In some pedestrian crash cases, a municipality or local authority could be held liable for crosswalk injuries if they failed to maintain the crosswalk. Some examples of improper maintenance include crosswalk lines being faded, the crossing signals did not work, no crosswalk signage was present, and no signs that would alert drivers of a crosswalk.

Your personal injury attorney needs to identify all of the people who are responsible for causing the crosswalk collision to help the injured pedestrian recover the most compensation possible for their injuries.  

Steps to Take After a Crosswalk Accident in Florida

After you or your loved one has been struck by a car while trying to cross the street can be disorienting and even terrifying. Prompt action is also required to achieve the very best possible outcome in a pedestrian injury lawsuit in Florida. It is important to call 911 and have medical assistance called out to the accident. Many injuries are masked by the boost of adrenaline after a crash. If you or someone you are with are able to do so, you should:

  • Obtain the driver’s name, contact information, and insurance information;
  • Collect the contact information for witnesses who saw the crash;
  • Take photographs of the scene, your injuries, and the crosswalk; and then 
  • Contact Fuentes Berrio Schutt for your free case review. 

If you or a loved one has been injured or if a loved one has been fatally injured, call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 954-752-1110 for a free consultation and case review with one of our best Florida Pedestrian Accident Attorneys. Protect your rights today. Nosotros hablamos español. 

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