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Our boat accident litigation attorneys discuss some tips for safe boating.

Tips for safe Boating on Florida Waters

Spring and summer bring warm weather and create a desire to boat and swim. However, it is important to note that swimming and boating can be dangerous when boaters do not act carefully. When you own or rent a boat, it’s important to learn and observe safe boating practices to save lives and prevent serious injuries. Boatsetter.com has provided some basic boating suggestions that have been shown to prevent boating accidents.

  1. Take a Coast Guard Certified Boat Safety Course – The U.S. Coast Guard offers boat safety courses to instruct boaters on basic boating safety. The Coast Guard also offers refresher courses. Most of the boating safety courses are offered for free. Boating safety courses help sharpen your boating skills.
  2. Never Drink Alcohol and Operate a Boat – Drinking and driving is the number one cause of boating accidents. Boating on public waters presents significant dangers, and operating a boat while under the influence makes it difficult to stay focused and have good judgment.
  3. Make Sure Children Wear a Life Jacket – Life jackets are a crucial life-saving device. Even excellent swimmers are at risk for drowning. Life jackets are also required by law to be kept on board. It is also important to know what these requirements are prior to heading out on the water. Children should always wear life jackets while out on the water.
  4. Have Spotters Watch for Swimmers – Whether you are parked at a beach or swimmers swimming near the boat, it is necessary to have a water spotter whose focus is on making sure that everyone is safe. The spotter should not swim or use a phone while making sure the swimmers are safe.
  5. Drink Plenty of Water – Always make sure your boat has plenty of drinking water for all of the people aboard your boat. People often miscalculate the amount of water they go through while boating in hot weather.

..."When you own or rent a boat, it's important to learn and observe safe boating practices to save lives and prevent serious injuries."

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