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Our Florida car accident brain injury lawsuit attorneys discuss the types of brain injuries sustained in motor vehicle accidents.

The Three Types of Car Accident-Related Brain Injuries

Brain injuries are devastating injuries that are often sustained in serious car accidents. These types of injuries have lasting emotional consequences on family members and can completely change a person’s life forever. Although there are several types of brain injuries, brain injuries typically fall into two categories: Acquired Brain Injuries and Traumatic Brain Injuries.

Traumatic Brain Injuries transpire when the accident victim receives a severe blow to their head. These brain injuries are very common in vehicle accidents when passengers and drivers hit their heads on parts of the motor vehicle or when accident victims strike their heads on the ground after being ejected from the vehicle or a motorcycle. Traumatic Brain Injuries may also involve visible head injuries or skull fractures.  

..."Acquired Brain Injuries result in some of the most severe outcomes on victims, including coma, severe brain damage, cerebral palsy, and death."

Examples of accident-related Traumatic Brain Injuries include:

Concussions – Concussions are head injuries that involve the shaking or sudden movement of the brain. Concussions are usually accompanied by a loss of consciousness. These types of injuries have other symptoms that are difficult to connect to a head injury.

Contusions: A contusion injury involves bleeding in the brain. A severe blow causes contusions to the head, and these injuries often require surgery to repair potentially life-threatening complications.

Penetrating injuries: Penetrating injuries occur when objects pierce the victim’s skull and penetrate the brain. These injuries are rare occurrences in car accidents. However, these injuries happen when glass or other sharp debris flies toward the victim during an accident. These injuries are often life-threatening injuries that lead to lifelong difficulties.

Acquired Brain Injuries transpire when a force to the head but typically involves another injury that also affects the brain. These include hypoxic and anoxia brain injuries in which the victim’s brain receives little or no oxygen. Acquired Brain Injuries result in some of the most severe outcomes on victims, including coma, severe brain damage, cerebral palsy, and death.

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