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Our Florida auto accident attorneys explain the top safe driving tips that help drivers avoid crashes.

The Best Safe Driving Tips to Avoid Accidents

A news story published on howstuffworks.com says motor vehicles and roadways are a lot safer as a result of education and innovation.  The number of fatal car accident has also been falling over the past ten years. The following are a few safety tips designed to help drivers and their families safe. 

..."Defensive driving means you watch out for everyone else in order to avoid an accident.  Defensive driving helps to reduce dangerous road rage incidents."

Wear a Seatbelt –  Seatbelts save 1,000s of lives every year. Most people are not aware how crucial and life-saving seatbelts in an accident. Many people incorrectly believe that wearing a seatbelt only prevents a passenger’s head from striking the dashboard, steering wheel, or the front seats when seated in the backseat of a car.  However, seatbelts save when motor vehicles rollover during an accident, and the occupants are thrown out of the vehicle.  These situations usually end in death.

Become a Defensive Driver –Defensive driving means that you “yield to other drivers.” If you are driving on the interstate and a car wants to merge ahead of you, a good defensive driving strategy is to change lanes or slow down so that the merging car can enter the interstate.  Defensive driving means you watch out for everyone else in order to avoid an accident.  Defensive driving helps to reduce dangerous road rage incidents.

Maintain Your Vehicle  Keep your vehicle well-maintained to keep your motor vehicle in top condition because a properly maintained vehicle can save your life.  Seven percent of all car accidents are caused by improperly maintained automobiles.  Improperly maintain car lead to crashes caused by brake failures, tire failures, engine failure, steering problems, and many other accidents.

Keep Your Distance – It is important to maintain your distance from the vehicles ahead of you.  Rear-end collisions are devastating and they are one of the most common types of accidents.  These types of accidents are typically avoidable by just allowing greater distance between your vehicle and the cars in front of you. 

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