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Our motor vehicle accident attorneys in South Florida report that Tesla has been sued over a Model 3 suspension failure accident.

Tesla Sued Over a Model 3 Suspension Failure Accident in Coral Gables, Florida

According to an autoevolution.com news report, a fatal motor vehicle accident in Coral Gables involved a potentially defective Tesla Model 3.  The fatal crash, unfortunately, killed two people.  The abnormal events forced the National Transportation Safety Board to investigate the crash.  The victim’s lawsuit alleges that the fatal crash was caused by a suspension failure.

The news report alleges that this Tesla accident appears to be similar to a description provided by a British engineer who called the issue “whompy wheels.”  The British engineer began an investigation on Tesla and found that there were several accidents caused by a suspension failure.  The engineer urged Tesla to file a lawsuit against him to prove that his allegations were wrong.  The news report states that Tesla may have never followed through in the matter. 

This lawsuit states that the victim’s family believes that a suspension failure caused their loved one’s death.  The suit asserts that Tesla’s Model 3’s suspension failure caused the vehicle’s bottom to strike the roadway and ignite the battery and also caused the electric vehicle to veer to the left and crash into trees along Alhambra Circle.  The EV then exploded and erupted into fire shortly after the collision.  The victim was driving the electric vehicle.  The driver and the passenger were tragically killed in the accident.

The is lawsuit allegedly based on eyewitness testimony and video captured on another motorist’s dashcam.  The eyewitness claims that his video is the first to document a Tesla crash involving “instant battery failure, explosion, and possibly suspension failure.”  

..."According to the wrongful death lawsuit, the victim had previously complained about his Model 3' suspension issues.  This is one of the reasons why the local Tesla service center is also being sued by the family."

The NTSB’s investigation did not decide that a suspension failure led to the Model 3’s abrupt left turn.  

According to the wrongful death lawsuit, the victim had previously complained about his Model 3′ suspension issues.  This is one of the reasons why the local Tesla service center is also being sued by the family.  The victim brought his Model 3 to the service center concerning the vehicle’s suspension, controllability/steering, electronic system,   battery, and door opening problems.  The wrongful death lawsuit accuses the service center of “wrongful death negligence.” Tesla is also accused of wrongful death negligence.  

The lawsuit is a trial by jury and the plaintiff’s attorneys will present evidence that the fatal accident was due to a suspension failure.  If the victim wins, Tesla may face severe more lawsuits alleging suspension failure.  The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is considering an investigation in the suspension recalls that Tesla has already performed once before.


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