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Our Car Accident Lawyers report that speed, and aggressive driving is Florida's worse driving issue.

Speed and Aggressive Driving is Florida's Worse Driving Issue

Our Car Accident Lawyers report that speed and aggressive driving is Florida’s worse driving issue.

DELRAY BEACH, FLORIDA – According to an online news report posted on cbs12.com, the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office is currently investigating a fatal motor vehicle accident in Delray Beach that killed six.  The preliminary report states that the high-speed crash is the latest example of Florida’s dangerous driving problem.

The CBS12.com article also blames sudden lane changes, road rage, and speeding for causing severe accidents that harm the offenders and the public.  Florida is also the third most dangerous state to drive in.

Last weekend, the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office executed a Speed and Aggressive Driving Enforcement Operation has resulted in:

  • 2 Arrest for Misdemeanor Criminal Charges
  • 22 Criminal Arrests
  • 150 Traffic Warnings
  • 316 Traffic Citations

..."Florida is also the third most dangerous state to drive in."

Frank Cantor, the owner of Cantor’s Driving School in Atlantis, believes more education may help improve the culture of dangerous driving in Florida.  His instructors teach student drivers defensive driving techniques, such as anticipating bad driving behaviors such as tailgating and sudden turns.

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