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Our Truck accident lawyers in Florida discuss what you should know about override (underride) trucking accidents

What You Should Know about Override (Underride) Trucking Accidents

When the driver of a passenger vehicle collides with an 18-wheeler, which could weigh up to 80,000 pounds, occupants of the smaller vehicle all too often experience severe injury or loss of life.  The passenger compartment of a car is reinforced, but the enclosure does not hold up well against the force of a collision with a massive commercial truck.  All trucking accidents can be dangerous, but tractor-trailer override (and underride) accidents can be particularly horrific.  The passenger compartment can be crushed or the roof of the vehicle can be ripped off the truck.  Decapitation and roof crush injuries can be the tragic and fatal result of a large truck override or underride accident.  If you or someone close to you has been involved in a tractor-trailer underride accident, an experienced trucking accident attorney can explain your legal rights and decipher whether a claim exists based on the facts of the collision. Injury victims should act quickly because several time limitations often apply depending on the particular facts of an accident.

Underride and override trucking accidents occur because semi-trucks sit high off the ground compared to passenger vehicles.  In an underride crash, the front end of a passenger vehicle, which typically will fit underneath a semi-truck, slides beneath the chassis of the 18-wheeler.  Override crashes occur when the tractor-trailer fails to stop in time and runs over the top of a passenger vehicle.  The passenger compartment will often be the first portion of the car to strike the truck, so it absorbs the full force of the collision.  The roof of the passenger compartment can be completely torn from the vehicle, or it can collapse inward crushing vehicle occupants.

..."If you or someone close to you has been involved in a tractor-trailer underride accident, an experienced trucking accident attorney can explain your legal rights and decipher whether a claim exists based on the facts of the collision."

Although passenger cars have many safety features, such as air bags, shock absorbent bumpers, and reinforced passenger compartments, these protections offer limited benefit in an override or underride accident. 

Because of the threat of life-threatening injuries posed by override collisions and underride accidents, trucking companies and commercial drivers must abide by safety rules designed to prevent this type of collision. When trucks do not have appropriate safety equipment like underride guards, reflective tape, and properly functioning brake and tail lights, these deficiencies might provide a basis for holding the trucking company and/or the commercial driver negligent.  

Depending on the facts and applicable law, trucking companies and commercial drivers must equip their trucks with proper safety equipment and/or maintain these features in proper working order to reduce the risk of underride/override accidents.  While trailers have been required to be equipped with reflective tape on the rear and sides of the vehicles since 1993, many older trucks have not been retrofitted to meet this standard.  

If you or someone you love has been injured in a tractor-trailer override accident or a big rig underride collision, an experienced trucking accident injury lawyer can review your situation, discuss your rights, and suggest strategies for protecting the value of your claim.  However, several deadlines could affect your right to bring a claim, so seek legal advice promptly.

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