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Our best Florida Truck Accident Lawyers discuss the issue of semi-tractor-trailer truck blind spot dangers.

Florida Truck Accident Lawyers Discuss Tractor-Trailer Blind Spot Dangers

Large commercial trucks pose an especially serious threat to other vehicle occupants because of a massive disparity in length and weight between a tractor-trailer and an average-sized passenger car.  The increased weight means that commercial drivers need a longer stopping distance, and the length of a big rig makes handling more difficult.  Passenger vehicle occupants tend to suffer severe injury in collisions with large trucks because these massive vehicles can be as much as 20-30 times heavier.  Prominent truck blind spots, referred to as “no-zones”, compound these risks.  If you or a loved one has been injured in a collision caused by a negligent truck driver and/or indifferent trucking company, a knowledgeable truck accident injury lawyer can highlight your legal rights and discuss ways to avoid damaging the value of your claim.

Virtually, all vehicles have blind spots where a driver cannot see objects, other vehicles, or people in mirrors, but the length of a tractor-trailer and height of the trailer limit visibility far more than a passenger car.  Commercial drivers cannot see certain angles on either side of a big rig toward the rear of the vehicle.  Mirrors also cannot reflect objects directly in front or to the immediate left of a large truck.  While no zones make safely driving large trucks more difficult, truck drivers are expected to recognize these no zones and be careful when making lane changes.

..."Although commercial trucks come equipped with oversized mirrors to mitigate the risk of large blind spots truck drivers will still have blind spots."

Although commercial trucks come equipped with oversized mirrors to mitigate the risk of large blind spots truck drivers will still have blind spots.  Commercial carriers and truck drivers could reduce this risk by installing cameras to cover truck blind spots or equipping fleets with crash avoidance systems.  This technology also could reduce carriage underride/override accidents and collisions while backing up.

Unfortunately, trucking companies have a strong financial incentive to place profits before safety, which makes the roadways of our state become even more dangerous.

While not every “no-zone accident” will be the fault of the trucking company and/or commercial carrier, a truck driver’s lack of awareness of a vehicle’s no zones and/or failure to exercise care to avoid collisions in blind spots can be a basis of liability.  

Similarly, a commercial carrier could also be liable for failing to adequately train its drivers regarding the proper procedures for handling no zones.  When trucking companies elect to hire inexperienced drivers, these novices must possess a training certificate that affirms compliance with the training requirements outlined in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR).  Commercial carriers can be held financially responsible for accidents caused by their drivers if they are inadequately trained or supervised.   

If you have experienced an injury in a tractor-trailer collision, a proven truck collision injury attorney can advise you about important deadlines for bringing a claim as well as answer your other questions about pursuing a monetary recovery.

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