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Florida Construction Zones High Risk Areas for Traffic Accidents

Drivers should focus their full attention on the road to avoid accidents.  However, obstacles, confusion, and distractions in work zones (i.e., construction sites) make it essential for drivers to slow down, remain alert, and exercise caution.  Some motorists might assume that these special protections and warnings are for the safety of those performing work.  However, signage, warning flags, orange cones, protective barriers, and flashing lights also protect vehicle occupants, motorcyclists, pedestrians, and others traveling roadways from Jackson to Biloxi, and elsewhere throughout the state.  If you or a family member have been injured in a construction zone car accident, an experienced Florida work zone accident lawyer can review the facts and advise you regarding your legal options and rights.

Work zones have lots of moving parts, and these stretches of roadway claim the lives of over a thousand people per year while causing injury to tens of thousands more.  When driving in a construction zone, a motorist may be confronted by debris, confusing detours, unanticipated cement barriers, heavy machinery parked in the roadway, and other hazards that can cause collisions resulting in debilitating injuries.

..."Work zones have lots of moving parts, and these stretches of roadway claim the lives of over a thousand people per year while causing injury to tens of thousands more."

Despite the many hazards in construction zones, national construction safety standards remain an allusive goal.  While Florida and other states have established state standards and regulations to limit auto collisions and pedestrian accidents in work zones, no uniformity exists between the states.  This disparity in regulations between states has meant limited access to data that could be used to develop best practices to keep everyone safe in work zones.

The process of filing a personal injury lawsuit or wrongful death claim arising out of a Florida construction zone collision can be complicated because these accidents can be caused by a multitude of factors and distractions, such as:

  • Confusing signage and detour routes
  • Rubbernecking distracted drivers
  • Signs displaying antiquated or misleading information
  • Lack of proper barriers or flagmen
  • Unsafe placement of heavy equipment
  • Lack of cones, flags, or other warning signals
  • Failure to remove debris or obstructions from the roadway
  • Excessive speed or inattentive drivers

Given these potential hazards and others, it might come as no surprise that there could be many parties involved in a construction site crash.  Construction sites change and evolve rapidly so a prompt investigation may be necessary to preserve key evidence and identify witnesses.  Several parties could be responsible for a collision in this type of high-risk areas like distracted drivers, companies that use improper signage, public entities overseeing the project, general contractors or sub-contractors, and others.  Experienced Florida construction zone accident attorneys can identify the causes of a collision, they also can explain potentially liable parties and your legal rights.

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