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Our Airbag Injury Lawyers discuss how lawsuits concerning catastrophic injuries and fatalities are continuing.

Defective Airbags Can Cause Catastrophic Injuries and Fatalities

Airbags provide valuable protection during motor vehicle accidents. These safety devices have saved the lives of more than 50,000 people during the last thirty years.  Because airbags deploy with significant force, malfunctioning or defective airbags can cause serious injury to vehicle occupants.  While stricter government safety standards for airbags have reduced the risk of severe injury during collisions, a recall of Takata airbags constitutes the largest recall in U.S. history.  Faulty airbags and defective airbag systems can injure vehicle occupants.  If you or a loved one has been injured in a collision where the airbag malfunctioned, you should speak with a Florida car accident lawyer because the manufacturers of the vehicle and components that make up the airbag system might be financially responsible for your injuries.  

Airbags can fail to deploy or malfunction in several ways causing devastating injuries or wrongful death to vehicle occupants, such as:

  • Exploding airbags can cause metal shrapnel to be propelled at vehicle occupants.
  • Airbags might fail to deploy in an accident in which they should deploy.
  • Airbags can deploy in a low-impact crash or without any collision.
  • Faulty sensors could prevent deployment, interfere with the proper timing of deployment, or make the airbags deploy when they should not do so.
  • Airbags can inflate with excessive force.

..."While stricter government safety standards for airbags have reduced the risk of severe injury during collisions, a recall of Takata airbags constitutes the largest recall in U.S. history."

Significant innovations in airbag safety during the last several decades have made vehicle occupants much safer.  Weight sensors in modern-day airbag systems protect children and other diminutive vehicle occupants in the front seat of vehicles by reducing the energy used to inflate a frontal airbag in a crash.  The NHTSA estimates that nearly 290 vehicle occupants were killed by frontal airbags deploying in low-impact crashes during a 2.5-decade period, but these types of injuries have become less common.

The Takata airbag recall dwarfed prior vehicle equipment recalls with over 67 million airbags being subject to recall.  An NHTSA filing explains that Takata airbag inflators can force airbags to rupture or deploy too slowly.  When the propellant causes the inflator to rupture, it can “explode” causing shrapnel to be propelled toward people in the vehicle.  Front-seat occupants, especially children, and smaller adults have experienced serious injuries and death caused by exploding airbag inflators.

Faulty malfunctioning airbags have impacted hundreds of thousands of vehicles manufactured by many of the largest auto manufacturers.  If you or a loved one has suffered an injury in a collision where airbags failed to deploy or malfunctioned in some other way, a knowledgeable Florida auto accident attorney can advise you regarding your legal rights and the best strategy for preserving those rights. 

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