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Dangerous Roadways Pose Heightened Risk to Motorcyclists

Feeling the wind blowing as you cruise down the highway on a motorcycle can be an exhilarating experience.  However, motorcycle riders face a risk of injury or death far higher than occupants of passenger cars, especially when confronting roadways that are not designed, constructed, or maintained properly.  While many road imperfections like broken pavement and unmarked dips might not be noticeable to occupants of a passenger car, these roadway defects can become extremely dangerous to riders of motorcycles because they are far less stable than four-wheeled vehicles.

If you suffer injury or lose a loved one in a collision caused by a dangerous roadway, you might have a right to financial compensation for your injuries or the loss of your loved one.  An experienced personal injury attorney or wrongful death lawyer can analyze your claim and explain your legal rights.

..."Dangerous road accidents typically result from inadequate repairs or maintenance or the creation of hazards by construction companies, public entities, and roadway workers."

Dangerous road accidents typically result from inadequate repairs or maintenance or the creation of hazards by construction companies, public entities, and roadway workers.  Common road hazards include:

  • Uncleared road debris
  • Cracks in the highway
  • Poorly maintained stoplights that malfunction
  • Oil slicks, sand, gravel not cleared from the roadway
  • Inadequate design or signage around construction areas
  • Missing or unclear road signs

These are only a few examples of road hazards that can cause a rider to lay his bike down in a dangerous motorcycle crash.  Another driver’s negligence often will constitute a significant factor in causing a crash even when a defective roadway also partially causes the accident.  Even if the other driver has insurance, a public entity charged with maintaining the roadway will have more insurance coverage.  This can be extremely important if you suffer catastrophic injuries or multiple people suffer injury in the accident.  Whether a motorcycle accident results in a settlement or judgment, more defendants and insurance coverage provide the means for a more generous payout.

Although governmental entities and subdivisions of such bodies will have plenty of insurance coverage, special procedures and deadlines apply to claims against governmental entities.  These special requirements will be the product of a jurisdiction’s tort claims act.  While the specific requirements will depend on the language of the statute, injury victims making claims against a government unit usually must provide notice of the claim before filing a lawsuit.  Failure to comply with a state’s tort claims act can result in a bar to pursuing a claim against the government.  In other words, a driver or passenger injured in a road hazard crash might still have a legal claim but be unable to sue the government.

An experienced accident lawyer can explain the specific aspects of a road hazard accident claim and how to avoid compromising the value of your recovery.

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